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Technology - Music- Drama - Life

We're back!!

Well kind of. Back in the late Nineties this site became a champion for small bands, giving many their first web presence way before things like MySpace, reviewing the music and promoting the gigs. Alas it became too successful, and in 2002 it was a case of too much content and not enough time, so the site was retired until like got less hectic. After a decade and a half of slumber the new Steamhead will still be helping promote local music, but go beyond that to cover other forms of entertainment along the way, but usually stuff a little off the mainstream. As technology has revolutionised the way entertainment can be developed and presented, we'll be covering some of that as well.

Over the next few weeks you should start to see some content emerge on these pages, but until then you might see a bit of scaffolding and cans of paint, with the off bit of ancient latin wallpaper peelng back here and there, just so you can see what it's all going to be like when we're done.

Anatomy of a Frog Juggler

Well I had to kick the site off with something, so I guess a blog about myself and where Steamhead comes from would be a good starting point.

The elements in the "Technology - Music - Drama - Life" strap-line may seem strange bedfellows, but they pretty much sum up my interests, with the first three primarily defining the fourth. So the Steamhead site is essentially a blog site where I will talk about each of those things, either as opinion, or reviews of "product" in those categories. Of course these days Technology can also be a great enabler of the other three, so be prepared for cross-over blogs as well.

Whilst this site won't have any comment sections, you can still join in the conversations via the Facebook and Twitter social media channels, I didn't see any point trying to replicate what has already been done ;-)

But how have Technology, Music and Drama shaped my life, and brought me to this point? Read on McDuff... [Read More]

Jago and Lightfoot Forever

So who are Jago and Lightfoot? Well Henry Gordon Jago is a theatre impresario extraordinaire and Professor George Lightfoot is a pathologist for the Police, teaming up in Victorian London to solve mysteries of a slightly unusual nature. A more unlikely pairing you’re never likely to see, but that’s just it, you don’t see them, their many adventures can be heard in audio dramas from Big Finish Yes you heard me, audio dramas! Yes they are still a thing, it’s not like the old radio plays you used to listen to on the dusty old wireless on a dark Sunday evening, Big Finish produce high quality dramas equally as good as anything on TV or at the cinema, with incredible writing and wondrous soundscapes and of course the visuals are as good as anything you can imagine.

If you want to delve into audio drama for the first time then Jago and Lightfoot would be a great start point, and you know enough about them now to make a good start, but of course there’s much more to tell if you want to find out more [Read More].